Cancer: One Insight On Curing It, Another On Recent Chemo Drug Revelations.

Dr 'C' and Mike Adams 'The Health Ranger'

Dr ‘C’ and Mike Adams ‘The Health Ranger’

Further to our recent post about a cancer research study which showed that chemotherapy can cause damage to healthy cells which triggers them to secrete a protein that sustains tumour growth, and a number of other articles about alternative cancer approaches, below are two excellent, yet short videos, that provide some useful insights related to them.

The first by DR. LEONARD COLDWELL, better known as “Dr. C”, is possibly the world’s most well-known natural doctor, endorsed by everyone who is anyone in the world of natural health and the Health Freedom movement. He is arguably the world’s leading authority on Natural Cancer Cures, Stress-Related Illness and ‘Burnout’ Syndrome.

The mandatory treatment of slaughter called surgery, burning called
radiation, or poisoning called chemotherapy, leads to unbelievable horror,
loss of quality of life, the massive spreading of the disease and most of all
inhumane suffering and early death
—Dr. Leonard Coldwell

How can Dr. Coldwell say all this? Over 30 years ago, Dr. Coldwell cured his own mother of (terminal) liver cancer without surgery, chemotherapy or radiation. Best of all, her healing program was completely natural and cost less than $3,000. Discover how to heal yourself (naturally) with one of the leading authorities in natural health and science. DR. COLDWELL states that all cancers can be cured within four months. Listen to his reasons behind that statement and how it can be done. He is passionate about the efficacy of simple vitamins in combating illness and also stresses the importance of natural salt in the diet—even if you have high blood pressure!

The second by Mike Adams, in an Infowars interview about the Chemotherapy drugs side effects of causing increased aggressive secondary cancers, ‘Chemo Brain’, the lies of the Cancer industry and its foundations like Susan B Komen Foundation, anti-angiogenesis benefits of green juices, Dr Burzinski’s anti-neoplaston treatments, the Medical School control system and drug company influence, and the invisible box of Authority.

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