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Food Fight

The story…

Food Fight follows a kid on a journey through his homicidal food reality. The local corner store is killing his neighborhood — literally. From a Morpheus-like guide, he learns the reality behind the food he’s buying, and must decide to take the Orange Carrot Pill or the Red Bull Pill.

food-fight“We feel the greatest hope for fundamental change starts with the foundation for the future — our youth — so the Food Fight team combined music and film with a school curriculum, to help teachers engage students on the most pressing issues we face, in a unique way.

The flaws of our global economy are best exposed by looking at our food system — soil-depleting and oil-depleting factory farming, economic policies that contribute to starvation abroad, and disease and obesity at home, all packaged with a marketing campaign to enforce the “buy first, ask never” social contract — just buy what they say to buy, and eat/shut up.

If we care about our kids, ourselves, and our planet, it’s time to expose the truth on a broader scale, and hope enough Food Fighters step up to make the changes we need.”  …

Ashel Eldridge

Ashel Eldridge

Ashel Eldridge aka Seasunz, (lyrics, story, performance, casting, locations for Food Fight video)
 originally from Chicago, now residing in Oakland, is a frontman emcee, vocalist, producer, and the founder of Earth Amplified, a roots, rap, reggae band that is also a spiritual activist movement.  AshEL is also a senior educator with the Alliance for Climate Education and a Green For All Fellow. He is a co-founder of United Roots – Oakland’s Green Youth Arts and Media Center and most recently the founder of SOS Juice. S.O.S (System out of our System) Juice is Earth Amplified’s monthly  urban culture and health event series and a for-profit/non-profit hybrid that sells juice, smoothies, and compost, creating health, sustainable agriculture, and green jobs for low-income youth and the formerly incarcerated.

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