CIA and Drug Running

The corruption of the United States corporation has a long history and the bankrolling of all the operations has been funded by the drugs trade. Organized crime is the CIA.

Here is a lecture give by Michael C. Ruppert given back in 1997. There’s no evidence the CIA was and is involved in the Heroin trade? Watch this.

This video, made back in 1997 shows that, when it comes to the US Government, “they have utterly corrupted the US Justice system”. They have been dealing drugs, murdering with impunity for so long they think no one will stop them.

Things have not improved much over the years since this video was made. One main difference is now so many more people are discovering the extent of depravity in the so called government.

With the “selections” for the corporate figurehead coming up in November do you think your chosen puppet will do anything to put an end to unimaginable scale of government crime?

Michael C. Ruppert “This is the man who cost CIA Director Deutch his guaranteed appointment as Secretary of Defense after confronting him at Locke High School with hard facts about CIA dealing drugs.” – Dick Gregory

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