Lunatics in Power

We’ve had our fair share of wacky nutters sitting in the Oval Office pretending to care about the average American and striving to bring world peace, prosperity and all the rest of typical rhetoric.

Just when the world didn’t believe anyone could be more stupid than that devout Christian God fearing warmongerer, George Dubya, along comes a presidential hopeful Mitt Romney.

Should he win the selection process later this year, Mitt will sit at the desk of power, finger on the red button and secure in his chosen faith.

Naturally, Mitt, like all presidential hopefuls, had to affirm his total loyalty to the Jewish State of Israel showing no conflict of interest to his own supposed religious beliefs.

Many in the rest of the world view American fundamentalist religious beliefs just as disturbing as those of many Islamic states. Should those of us with a few functioning brain cells be concerned?

What Does Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney Really Believe?

He believes that Jesus Christ is Satan’s brother.
He believes that God lives near a planet called “Kolob.”
He believes in baptizing dead people.
He believes that Jesus is married to a goddess wife.
He believes that The Garden of Eden was in Missouri.
He believes that it was impossible for Negroes to go to Heaven before 1978.
He believes that Jesus has children from his wife or wives.
He believes that he is going to become a god.
He believes he will own his own personal planet after he dies.
He believes the real Christian God is not eternal but rather that He was once a man on some other planet besides Earth!
He believes he needs to wear magical underwear created by Mormons and he is never to take it off unless he is bathing.
He believes it is a sin to drink anything containing caffeine. And that even includes True American™ drinks like Coca-Cola!
He believes children between the ages of 18-21 should wear name badges, ride bicycles and always smile. (1)

The Secret World of Mormonism – Mormon Cartoon

I consider the source of this interesting list to be just as guilty of having deranged beliefs bordering on insanity as those of dear Mitt. Isn’t it time we moved away from the argument my invisible friend up in the sky is bigger and more powerful that yours, in fact, yours doesn’t exist. Die heretic!

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