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Terminator Style Drones Defending Your Freedom To Die

Eric Holder

Why no gold trim round the flag Eric?

“I suppose,” to imagine an “extraordinary circumstance in which it would be necessary and appropriate” under U.S. law for the president to authorize the military to “use lethal force” within the United States. However, Holder said the question was “entirely hypothetical” and “unlikely to occur.”

Eric Holder, Attorney General

Comforting words. I think not.

What he really means is that it is “unlikely to occur” until it is common practice justified by some high profile news story where some “terrorists” were blasted from the skies moments before they were about to strike at our freedoms or other bullshit.

Introducing drones is an agenda of the NWO. Government drones. State drones. Local police drones. IRS drones. The technology is already here and those precious terrorist threatened freedoms are an unimportant obstacle to the mind of soulless corporate machine.

Constant and complete surveillance of everyone with the option of removing troublesome individuals at the push of the button is the ultimate wet dream for the psychopaths who think they rule us.

Sen. Rand Paul spoke to the senate recently for two hours on the topic of civil liberties, the Constitution and the evils of allowing anyone the power to kill citizens at will.

How many other senators give a damn? How many citizens will bother to listen? How many will be murdered in the future by push button assassins serving their masters?

Hour 2.


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