Vladimir Putin Exposes the NWO

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In December 2011, Vladimir Putin gave this speech at the Munich Press Conference in Germany! Notice that there were Certain countries that did not show this on the News? Also notice that at that time there were certain countries that didn’t want Putin to become the president again and were showing propaganda against Putin and Russia? At the same time, the Soros “rent-a-crowd of anarchists”, were trying to foment uprisings like those of the so-called “Arab Spring”, whilst the Western media were touting ” Russian election vote fraud”.

With Vladimir Putin declared the president-elect, congratulations have begun to come in from around the world, the West included. However, some say Washington is still fighting imaginary Russian demons – demons orchestrated by Putin.

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­Asia Times correspondent Pepe Escobar says that despite that, the Russian people are making their choice clear even if the US is still on a mission to vilify the country.

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin Making a Point at the December 2011 Munich Press Conference in Germany

“Putin … said that close co-operation among the BRICS will be absolutely essential. He sees this as the founding stone of the new emerging multipolar world order [NWO]…Obviously, the Washington elites won’t like it,” Escobar told RT. “If you follow what news corporations … are [saying] about Putin, it’s the same old thing – it’s a relentless demonization, a personification of evil.”

The journalist explains that all the members of the international community who are not viewed by the West as a part of the “Anglo-American ‘Masters of the Universe’ narrative,” are immediately defined as enemies. It can be any country from Syria and North Korea to Putin’s Russia or Argentina under President Cristina Kirchner, he added.

Escobar refers to a comprehensive article last week where Putin outlined his views on Russia’s international relations and future foreign policy. “It’s a multipolar world, a close cooperation with BRICS, fighting NATO encroachment – which is a very, very strong preoccupation of most Russian voters – and trying to find a place for Russia in this new emerging multipolar [world] order,” he noted.

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