Why Is Pesticide Used As An Ingredient In Infant Formula?

Hazardous-pesticideWhy is cupric sulfate — a known herbicide, fungicide and pesticide — being used in infant formula? And why is it displayed proudly on product labels as a presumably nutritious ingredient?

Used to kill fungus, aquatic  plants and roots of plants, parasitic infections in aquarium fish and snails, as well as algae and bacteria such as Escherichia coli, cupric sulfate hardly sounds fit for human consumption, much less for infants.

It boggles the imagination how cupric sulfate ended up in infant formula, as well as scores of other  consumer health products, such as Centrum and One-A-Day vitamins?

With few exceptions the minerals found in infant formula can not be considered biologically appropriate or suited to the needs of infant metabolism. Manufacturers of formula, as well as supposed -watchdog- agencies like the FDA, consider it perfectly appropriate for these formulas to contain chemically processed mineral wastes, gleaned as by-products from the mining and chemical industries. Some of these minerals, such as zinc sulfate and copper sulfate, are actually used to kill fungi, weeds, algae, mollusks and bacteria. Sodium selenate, a popular ingredient in formula, is not allowed in public drinking water above 50 parts per billion (EPA Federal Drinking Water Standards) due to concerns regarding its toxicity. How is it that chemicals with known toxicity, or worse, are actually used to kill living things, are legally allowed to be put in formula to sustain new life?

There are many other serious problems with formula, such as the use of the cyanide-containing form of B12 (which is sometimes extracted from sewage sludge!) or the use of nicotine-derived niacin. It must therefore be concluded, that given this veritable nightmare of potential toxicities, infant formula, rather than viewed as a less than perfect facsimile of breast milk, should be considered a full on assault on infant health and well-being.

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